YOGA WORKSHOP "L'ENVOL" in FRANCE

                                                                                 4-5-6 AUGUST 2017

                                                          SHAKTI NAAM YOGA - YOGA OF THE HEART

                                                                                         NAAIMA Z


Shakti Naam Yoga is a practice that is very powerful which works simultaneously on each part of the body in combining rhythm, mantras, and mudras with the application of the Laws of the Universe and the wisdom of universelle Kabbalah. The postures stimulate the reflex points connected to the entire body, to help us balance the nervous and endocrinien systems, the breath, calm the mind, bring some fresh oxygen, and regenerate the cells. 

Mantras take us from the head to the heart. 

It is the perfect combination of sound and mouvement in a very joyful practice to elevate our frequencies. 

                                       EDUCATE YOUR MIND - RECONNECT TO YOUR HEART

Naaima Zaabat, certified Shakti Naam Yoga Teacher, coming straight from Los Angeles "City of Angels", propose us to discover their practice of the Yoga of the Heart in this workshop so you can take your first flight!

Shakti Naam Yoga will awaken your true essence, and will make you go from your head to your heart. 

Guided by Naaima, you will be able to work on the physical, emotional and spirituals bodies. 

Come join us on the feet of the "Grand colombier” in FRANCE. This is a place where you will be in contact with nature.You will enjoy some time bathing in beautiful lake, walk and meditate in nature. Leave your comfort zone and go for a new adventure!

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Hope you will be part of this wonderful retreat. 

Love & Light



Naaima Zaabat
Naaima Zaabat