"Divinity is Simplicity & Simplicity is Divinity"
Dr Joseph Michael Levry



March 29, 2020

YOGA & LIFESTYLE COACHING ONLINE  YOGA comes to your home. This service is intended for those who want to practice in the comfort of their home and still get the assistance of a Teacher to guide them through the practice of Shakti Naam Yoga and different modalities. We will explore movements, powerful breathing techniques, cardio, chanting, and mudras.  You will leave the class with tools that will help reduce stress, expand your lungs capacity, feel stronger and more connected to your higher self.  The session is a good way to begin a new health routine or enrich an existing routine.  This will help you face the time we are living now. While at home, having a moment to recharge, move your... Continue Reading →


April 05, 2019

 Naima Z invites you to join for a special workshop where we will explore the elements. In this workshop, you will learn on how to listen to yourself and recognize which one of the element needs balance. There will be some breathing techniques, movements, mudra, sound, guided meditations, and sharing around a special tea & healthy treat. Sometimes you feel stuck in an emotion, stuck in one area of your life, and you don’t know which way to go to shift it. Come learn and experience, through special guided mediation, movement, vibration, the principle of elements. Working with elemental energies is very profond and powerful. In a warm and intimate environment, where you will feel safe to go deeper... Continue Reading →

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