Naima Zaabat is the Designer behind NAIMAZ. She grew up in France, from algerian parents, surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. Nature has been a great source of inspiration as it offers all the colors of the rainbow, shapes, textures…she has manifested into matter already as a young child by writing, drawing. And loved to sing. She was fascinated by the beauty that surrounded her. Since her childhood, she was very familiar with different cultures and jewelry pieces symbols she has seen during her travel with her family in North Africa. How the women would dress and look so beautiful. As a young age, she was wearing the Hamsa for protection. She studied Art at a University in Paris and wanted to learn more from her own life experience. Her thirst for adventure took her in different countries where she actually lived. She gets inspired from her fascination for different cultures from all around the world. She discovered yoga, different modalities of healing. She became a certified Yoga Teacher and wellness practitioner.

Her first piece of jewelry has been designed while she was traveling, one of a kind Black Sapphire Ring. Then, began a passion. The love for wearing beauty, a piece of jewelry that would mean more than just a piece. Something that you relate to, something that you fall in love with, something that becomes your second skin.

Her creations are infused with beautiful mantras and meanings. As you are wearing her pieces, an intimate connection is made between you and the piece. And the mind can meditate on the positive aspect of the symbol, and becomes one with you. It brings harmony and balance between physical and internal beauty. Her intention is to create jewelry pieces that combines beauty and healing. She believes that it is a very good way to raise the frequencies.

She is happy to share her creativity to enhance the life of one’s individual or collective through her creations.