Being Grateful!


As a person who was born and grew up in France, Thanksgiving was not something I was familiar with. My first thanksgiving was when I moved to NY. I was staying with a friend in Brooklyn who was originally from the Bronx. She spent the whole day cooking to host at her place. Her family joined us on that day. Her sister was just coming out of jail few days before. Yes!!!! Jail. I didn’t know what to expect really. And then I met her, a beautiful woman, strong and so vulnerable at the same time. Just being present and honoring my friend holding space for all of us, sharing love and food. I was sooooo grateful that day of having to experience a moment like this one. With people I barely knew and trusting that moment. We all sat around this huge table, and then we did Grace all holding hands. I come from a muslim family where praying on food before eating was something I was familiar. Different language, different religion, different country, at the end same intention. We are All One.  Here I am breathing in all those amazing moments of sharing food, laughter, stories, tears of joy. It was a very special Thanksgiving. 


For me it is a day to remember to be grateful to all that is in our life. Sometimes, we are not satisfied by what we have, it can be family, friends, situations, jobs…even the little things.

This is the human nature, always wanting what somebody else have. I was watching this movie about this amazing singer who happened to be super successful and the only thing she wanted was to have a family, a husband and children. Knowing that her purpose in life was to make people vibrate through her songs, even though that was a passion, she couldn’t bare life as she had other expectation for herself, and other people would have dreamed to have her life. 


It is such a lesson we have to learn in life. Being grateful for who we are. As we are so vast and when I say who we are, it is not what we do as a job, as many people think they are what they do in life. By thinking this way we bring limitation to our being who is sooooooo much more. Just waking up in the morning, and looking at ourself in the mirror and being grateful for who we are, grateful for all the experiences we have that teach us to be more kind to ourself and others. Breathing in our entire being the love that we receive and give back. It is a learning process. But by doing so with all those little things, then we start changing and become more in sink with our higher self and others. 


I am grateful for You Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. 


Happy Thanksgiving!


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Naaima Zaabat
Naaima Zaabat