"Naaima is a radiant, very special human being and a wonderful yoga teacher who is able to make you feel strong and positive through her classes. Her good energy spreads magically around the room and gives you a memorable experience." VC

"So incredibly fortunate and grateful to have found Naaima's yoga classes. I couldn't possibly attempt to put into words the gift of Naam Yoga. Physically, spiritually and intellectually invigorating and I have only just scratched the surface of the depth of the practice. It is such a joy to attend Naima's class. Always heartfelt, kind and patient, Naima shares eloquent and beautiful insights into the wisdom of the teachings with a passion that is inspiring and contagious. No matter what the state I am in when I enter class, I always feel that I leave revitalized and shining. Thank you Naima!" Maria R.

"Naaima's Naam Mondays starts my week with a center. Working with her for the past three years has stregnthend both my physical, emotional and spiritual core. She guides my practice in a daily way at home when I meditate and breath and chant and stretch on my own. If I get my self to sit for 5 minutes for myself it usually turns into 15 or 30. Naima helps me give myself to me." Ingrid C.

"I have seen Naaima on numerous occasions for her Harmonyum treatment. The treatment is incredible, you literally go to that place of perfect peace where healing occurs, its like a deeper sleep than you have ever had and you wake up feeling renewed and restored. I would highly recommend this to anyone in need of physical or emotional healing or someone simply interested in getting balanced. Naaima herself is such a kind loving person, her presence itself is a true gift."    Ravi Bhojwani